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On Tour

April 24, 2008

tea heaven
Posted by Claire Mulligan

Like Arleen, I am a blog virgin, and so I did a bit of research first about the history and how tos of this strange art. I learned that blogs can be arranged around a theme, or written more as a journal. I learned that it was first called web journaling, web diaries, or blithering idiots writing on the internet. I learned that a marker of blogging is its ‘interactiveness’ meaning that others, if they have nothing better to do, can add their too bits to your commentarty. Aha, blogging is the modern version of the bathroom wall, except it’s legal, and cleaner.  I learned there is now something called the blogosphere which I picture as a vast green blob hovering about our heads, no doubt because of that B movie way back. I learned that it is best to blog anonymously or have a pseudonym. The pseudonym cannot be too easy, so that I should not be Erialc, which is my name backwards. This anonymous business is important, apparently, because ‘your relatives might be shocked when they read your uncensored thoughts,” you might be fired, your marriage ruined.. Well, this blogging sounds mighty dangerous, so perhaps I’ll just stick to a safe topic: tea. I have been living in the belly of the Empire for the last several years—this author tour has been a wonderful excuse for a holiday—and although America is a large nation there is not a tea pot to be had. Even the finest restaurants will serve you a tepid cup of water with a red rose tea bag on the side. It might go back to that business with the Boston tea party; I’m not sure. Or perhaps being such individuals they can’t stand the thought of sharing a large pot of tea. Because at dinner parties you are all given that tepid cup and then offered an enormous choice, one tea bag per person, which seems, not only wasteful, but needlessly democratic. Sooo, at the moment I am in tea heaven. Even a Tim Horton’s gives you a tea pot, and at the moment we are at this lovely cafe in Oliver. Not only do I have a tea pot, but it is a beautiful ceramic pot, with loose tea and a tea ball. The cups are actual china tea cups like Grandma used to have, all are different. And the teaspoons are made of silver. I’m on my third pot on this rainy day as we wait for our gig at the Oliver public library. I think we’ve been a great team. And I am so impressed with the work of my tour mates. I’ll be sad when it’s over and I’m banished back to tea-pot-less America.

Cheers, Claire

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Meg Tilly
Apr 24, 2008 at 04:36 PM

You have to be careful about this blogging business… it’s highly addictive. 

Glad you’re having fun on your tour!

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