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April 13, 2010

ON TOUR: BC Book Prizes Northern Leg

Shout out to the kids at Kitimaat City High who are getting it done—you guys are the best and it felt like a family welcoming us into your home (and your cookies rock!) Kitimaat Village: walking up to Sammy Robinson’s totem pole and then running into my brothers from Last Door, taking care of business in Kitimat—turns out Rob is Sammy’s nephew, he tells us to go see the man himself, and Sammy shows us where he carves. And his beautiful work. The chief. Haisla Hummingbirds. Totem faced tears.
Then…who’s doing all that laughing? Ebullient effivivacious (ok I made that one up) effervescent Eden Robinson (yes Sammy’s her uncle)—-oh to meet Eden—- no lie: Monkey Beach changed me.
And Virginia and the Mayor of Kitimaat and all the librarians, teachers, Kitimaat residents like Edward from Bombay who make up this warm welcoming city (oh and the guys doing taekwondo while Kristen’s reading a murder mystery!~~did she set this up?) Bryan and his awesome playlist, the halibut at Seamaster’s and the seals who serenaded us (ok they were really after the oolichans but a girl can dream), stellar day…I can still hear the giggle echoes of Eden.

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April 13, 2010

First Day on the Road

Okay, this is me bravely going where I have never gone before—blogging WITH photos on the BC Book Prize website. I’m also bravely geographically-going where I’ve never gone before—on a week-long tour through northern BC with three other nominees for the BC Book Prizes (Kari-Lynn Winters, Cathleen With, and Michael Turner). So far, so good—though I’m already exhausted. To quote Michael, yesterday was three days long. It was great fun—we each talked to students in two different schools (in Terrace and Kitimat) and then spoke to a wonderfully enthusiastic audience at the Kitimat Public Library in the evening. Between events, we took a tour of the Kitimat area and drove out to Haisla Village. After checking out the pier (I love piers), the others in the group—along with our leader and driver, aka the executive director of the BC Book Prizes, Bryan Pike—went for a walk along a woodland trail. My school presenter footwear (ie—high heels) aren’t great for hiking, so I stayed behind and guarded the fort (van). While on their excursion, the others discovered that we were parked directly across the road from the home and workshop of renowned carver, Sammy Robinson. He graciously provided us with a tour of his shop. He had stories to go along with all the beautiful pieces, and even showed us his loft studio. I was so jealous. It looked out over the water and was filled with sunlight. We stayed talking with Sammy for so long that we were pressed for time. Supper at the Sea Masters Restaurant wasn’t as leisurely as we would have liked, but it was certainly delicious, and our trusty driver, Mario Pike got us to the library in time for our evening event. By the time we got back to our hotel, it was ten o’clock, and knowing we were in for another busy day today, it was straight to bed for everyone.

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April 11, 2010

A Second Chance in Terrace, BC

Terrace, do you know how much I’ve missed you?
I look at you and see your gorgeous mountains—snow covered mountains in every direction and my heart aches for you.

Terrace, how can you be so exquisitely perfect?
I listen to you and hear your people—imaginative people who enjoy the BC culture, including its nominated books.

Terrace, do you steal everyone’s breath away in the ways that you’ve taken mine?
I feel your majesty—awe-filled majesty, including your traditions, painted spirit bears, and gorgeous walking paths.

Terrace, would it be fair to say that you are second to none?
I’ve received a second chance—an extraordinary second chance to be with you again!

Posted by Kari-Lynn Winters | Filed under: Northern Leg 2010 | 3 Comments | Permalink

April 11, 2010

ON TOUR: BC Book Prizes Northern Leg

Gorgeous mountains out window of Hawk Air flight, a bit of a bumpy ride, but a lovely fruit plate, first glimpse of the Skeena which Michael told us is definitely a lovely ‘she’, and here we are in the heart of Terrace at the Coast Hotel.
What a city girl I am: the quiet here! And the SUN, beaming and warm SUN, whoohooo, you can’t please this Vancouver girl more:)
First reading at the Library at 3pm: wonderful to hear why 8x10 is called 8x10 (will you sign your 8x10 glossy out to me, Michael Turner? I am not worthy:), and wear a frog hat along with my fellow horse and fish and raindrop and !!ice cream!! with Kari’s “On My Walk” reading…and ooo the magic of Kristin’s dreams and the mystery in Return to Bone Tree Hill, excited, am I excited?
And what a pleasure to meet Terrace’s own zinester, Erika (who ok, I thought was a first yr Uni student, only to find out Erika’s in grade 9….yes nine!), and Josh who is writing about tree-planting: neatsters in Terrace abound!
And to think I was only excited about Bryan’s new iPad this morning in Vancouver…life was so dull before we got on the plane:)~~onward.
Shout outs to Dream Team English back home, Anne at Misty River books

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