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March 12, 2018

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Winners & Finalists

Winner! 2009 Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Literary Excellence

Terry Glavin

Terry Glavin

Terry Glavin is the author of six books and co-author of four, traversing a variety of subjects from anthropology to natural history. Terry is the editor of Transmontanus Books, an adjunct professor in the creative writing department at the University of British Columbia and a frequent contributor to newspapers and magazines as diverse as Democratiya (UK), Lettre International (Berlin), the Vancouver Review, Seed Magazine (US) and the National Post. His most recent book, Waiting for the Macaws and Other Stories from the Age of Extinctions (Penguin Canada), has been published under separate titles in Canada, the US, the United Kingdom and Germany. His literary awards include the Hubert Evans Prize for non-fiction, and his essays have earned more than a dozen national and regional awards in a variety of categories, including travel writing, science writing and editorial innovation. He lives in Victoria.

“Terry Glavin, author and journalist, is an outspoken British Columbian, a science writer, an avocational historian and a conservationist. He is well known for his passionate commitment to the oral literature of British Columbia’s First Nations, the untold stories of the working class and the relationships between the human imagination and the diverse landscapes west of the Rocky Mountains.

His first book, A Death Feast in Dimlahamid, was a landmark work, set in the struggle of the Gitksan and Wet ‘suwet’en people to assert their fundamental rights. Death Feast was followed by other books that explored the ecological, social and cultural life of BC’s coastal, interior and remote communities. The Last Great Sea offered a human history of the “haunted seas” of the North Pacific Ocean. His latest book, his sixth, Waiting for the Macaws, explores the relationships between the massive global extinction of plants and animals and the collapse in the diversity of the world’s languages and cultures.

In addition to his books, Glavin’s many articles and essays on social and political issues are evidence of his strong journalistic ability to marshal facts and his unwillingness to go with the accepted wisdom of either the right or the left. In his role as an iconoclast, he is a critical voice in the dialogue that sustains a civil society.

As an editor, Glavin has also brought us the innovative and courageous Transmontanus series, published by New Star Books. Established in 1992 with the aim of expanding the boundaries of long-form literary journalism,  this innovative series of 17 titles has given voice to authors and ideas that might otherwise have been lost to us.

Glavin offers an extraordinarily holistic vision that does not focus on single issues, but instead in everything he writes shows us a world where culture and nature, human aspiration, natural beauty, language, history and social justice are inextricably intertwined.

We are privileged to honour him with the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Literary Excellence in 2009, for his contribution to life and letters in British Columbia and for his willingness to show us how to see our world more deeply, more fully and more truthfully.”  —Jury member Ellen Godfrey

2009 Jury: Ellen Godfrey, author and former literary publisher; David Hill, Manager of Munro’s Books, Victoria; and Sheryl MacKay, host of CBC’s North by Northwest.